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Top 40 Guest -- July 20, 2024 12:49 PM EDT

Top 40 Tunes goes Web 2.0

Welcome to the reincarnation of Top 40 Tunes! In the era of web services, mashups, and wikis, Top 40 Tunes has refocused to a collaborative site that not only shows you our picks of the weekly top songs of the Top 40 era, but allows you to contribute as well.

Now our Top 40 Tunes users can provide their thoughts on the songs, on our rankings, and help the site live and grow. We also provide a rich set of web servcies to allow your mashups or other web applications to directly pull our Top 40 data to use any way you like. Take a look around the site and be a part of the 30 greatest years in Top 40 music history.

Listening to Top 40 Music

As you've probably noticed, the 8 Ball Software Music Archive, which hosted our members' access to songs for so many years, has gone the way of the dinosaur! So how can our members listen to the great music? We have upgraded our site and our data to link with the MusicBrainz music community database.

Now every Top 40 song in our charts has a link to it's track in MusicBrainz. While MusicBrainz does not directly host the music, visitors who have catalogued their own music collection with MusicBrainz will be able to pull together complete Top 40 chart playlists from their own local music.

We are also in planning for a series of Top 40 countdown internet radio stations that will count down the 40 top songs of any week in our charts. Watch this space for further developments!